How Were The African Americans Treated By The Europeans?


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I believe overall, Africans were treated better in Europe than in the US.
Keep in mind the deeds of some are not the sins of the group, but the slave ships came from europe, stopped in Africa, killed, raped and kidnapped innocent people and brought them to the Americas to be sold as slaves. 
Africans weren't standing in line to get tickets to come here for the express purpose of becoming someone's property.
Seems to me that in England, Africans were frequently treated as second class citizens while in France they were more accepted.
There have always been prejudices against those who weren't like the status quo, whether that was for religious, economic or racial sentiments. A lot of Americans blame Muslims for the acts of a few fanatical fundamentalists.
It wasn't that long ago that the Christians tried to eradicate the Muslims. No wonder they have long had feelings of resentment against Europe and the West.
Sorry for getting off track, but bigotry is a way of life for some and a bane for others. I mean really, the Lutherans don't like the Babtists. If we could all learn tolerance and be accepting of our differences while embracing our similarities, maybe we could actually deserve to be on this planet.
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The Europeans were cruel
and unfair to the Africans. The Africans did not have freedom and were owned by
the Europeans. They were owned for about near 200 years

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If you are referring to Africans brought to Europe as slaves then the treatment was probably the same in the US as anywhere else.  They were treated as property and it was up to their "owner" to be nice to them or not nice.  They would be called African Europeans.

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