Is Learning French Hard To Learn?


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For people who can speak and write English, French is the easiest language to learn. This is because French has the same alphabets as English. Only their pronunciation is a little different. Once you get hold of that pronunciation, learning the rest is very easy. Start by small words concerning items of our daily use, and then come to short sentences. It wont be difficult.
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French is not the easiest language for English speakers to learn and there isn't one.  It is unique to the individual learner.  Each language poses its own unique problems.  I speak and write French fluently and I can say that for me personally French is hard than Spanish and Italian.

French grammar is very irregular and has tons of exceptions.  However, for a beginner I wouldn't focus too much on that anyway.  The pronunciation and accent of French is more difficult than Spanish because it is not straight forward.

However, French is not that hard and I would not discourage you from learning it.  Just start little by little and focus on speaking and listening in the beginning.  Make it fun and progress at your own pace.

Watch French Movies
Read French comic books
Listen to French music
Learn basic vocabulary and carry a notepad so you can write down learns you want to learn or new words you learn.

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According to the US Foreign Service Institute and many others, (for native speakers of English) it's about the same as Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Portuguese, Catalan, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Frisian and Afrikaans.

The only sizable language that's significantly easier to learn is Esperanto

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