How Do I Find An Adventist Sponsor?


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Which school have you decided to attend dear?  Most of us in the U.S.A. r very much aware of scholarships, grants[SCHOLARSHIPS & GRANTS ARE FREE MONEY]& student loans.  Try to make the school do the work for you as this is why they are there concerning monetary means.  My suggestion would be to contact the school you wish to attend & ask for the paperwork required to apply for the 3 aforementioned items.  And be ready to provide them with your last 4 years. of academic grades in writing from your school.  Complete what is necessary of you {sometimes one must write an essay on a particular subject of the donor's choosing - for a scholarship} and Federal Express it back to the school keeping copies for yourself.  And by using Fed-Ex to send it you may track it & find out who signed for said package.  As an added note: Ask if this college offers any ESL classes {English as a Second Language} as most do!  No worries my dear.   Feel free to give me a shout if you need ANYTHING!   ♥Nassy
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I have no words to thank you for your response. It is really very very helpful.
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I would contact teaching hospitals like John Hopkins or others. There are scholarship, grants, and student loans. You need to prepare yourself to give information about your volunteer work, grades that you have now. Essays of the college's choice will need to be written. Keep track and make copies of everything. Send your information through a reliable courier like Fed-Ex with guaranteed shipping. I hope this helps. Peace
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Take a look at Tips for Getting an Adventist Sponsor. Good past character and academic records might help you to be a priority for an adventist sponsor. I have already forwarded your question to all my blurter friends, most of them in USA, to get more help for you.
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i saw your share in my box helpful, sorry though i can't be of much help.
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Hello Lauramom. I shared this question to all of my friends so that "Bchiyokoma" can get some help. Thank you for taking time to respond.

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