What does x equal? 3x/4+10=2x/3+11

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Ray Dart answered
Subtract 10 from both sides
3x/4 = 2x/3 +1
multiply both sides by 3
9x/4 = 6x/3 + 3
9x/4 = 2x +3
multiply both sides by 4
9x = 8x + 12
subtract 8x from both sides
x = 12
check in original equation
36/4+10 = 24/3 +11
19 =19 - answer checks.
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Anonymous commented
U need to wait until she finds her text book with all the answers on it
desi pilla
desi pilla commented
subtract 10 from both sides
you with me?
Multipy 4 on both sides
multiply 12 on each side
subtract 8x from both sides
divide 28 from each side
you got it?
sorry. Guess it didnt work:(
Ray Dart
Ray Dart commented
:) hmm. Mine was simple and it worked. :)
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The usual recommendation is to "clear fractions" first. This requires that the equation be multiplied by 12.
  3x/4 + 10 = 2x/3 + 11
  9x + 120 = 8x + 132    (multiply both sides by 12)
  x = 12    (subtract 8x+120 from both sides)
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desi pilla
desi pilla commented
Why do you multiply both sides by 12?
Oddman commented
That makes it so the equation does not contain fractions. We choose 12 because it is the product of the denominators of the fractions in the given equation.

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