Can You Find The Perimeter Of A Triangle If You Know Only The Base And The Height?


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The formula to determine the perimeter of a triangle if you only know 2 sides (any 2 sides) is : A squared + b squared = c squared, where a and b represent the respective lengths of the sides you know.
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Patently false. For a right triangle, and only for a right triangle, a^2+b^2=c^2 if and only if the a and b represent the sides either side of the right angle. The value c is then the hypotenuse, long side, and the sum a+b+c is the perimeter.
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The base and height are insufficient to define the perimeter.

The minimum perimeter probably corresponds to an isosceles triangle of the given base and height (with the apex above the midpoint of the base). The maximum perimeter is infinite, if the triangle is allowed to be obtuse.

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