solve and explain 0<4+2x<22?


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There are two inequalities and we have to focus on each one individually before combining it all. Let's start with the first inequality, 0 < 4+2x, and then figure out the next one, 4+2x < 22.

So when you solve inequalities, you just do it as if the inequality sigh was an equal sign. The only exception to this is you flip the inequality sign (like from < to > or vice versa) when you multiply each side by a negative number. Fortunately, in this situation, we don't have any of that. So let's get started.

First inequality:

0 < 4+2x

-4 < 2x

-2 < x

Second inequality:

4+2x < 22

2x < 18

x < 9

From this, we can see that x < 9 but also x > -2. Therefore, we write the expression as -2 < x < 9. That means that only x-values in between but not equal to -2 and 9 can satisfy 0 < 4+2x < 22. Just plug in x-values in between but not equal to -2 and 9 into 4+2x and you'll see that they will be in between 0 and 22, meaning that the inequality is satisfied.

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