Do you think it's necessary to learn to touch type any more?


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Yes, sometimes you need to use a keyboard to type documents for studying or for work.  It is very helpful and quick.  Although there's alot of technology now,  iPads and tablets; it still helps to learn to touch type cos evenually you will be needing to type documents for work, business or if you become a student and if you do not know how to touch type it will take along time to complete wordprocessing a document.  

Recreationally, it is not nesessary but for work and business or studying it helps. 

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Kathryn Amis
Kathryn Amis commented
Hi Elizabeth and thanks for the answer. I agree that it's good to be able to touch type for documents etc - what do you think of voice recognition software? Do you think that it will be possible to dictate a document and which is accurate?
Elizabeth MacConnachie
Eventually, it would help with students suffering from dyslexia. However, the software at the moment is very bad at picking up regional accents. If the software gets very good it could be very benefital to students, doctors etc.

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