A basketball is dropped from the roof of a building. It reaches a maximum velocity of 84 ft/s. Determine the height of the building in ft?


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Hi Taylor Lynn,

I found an equation which should be what you need:

The velocity (v) at splat time is the square root of twice the acceleration of gravity (g) multiplied by the distance fallen (h). Or,

v = sqrt (2 x g x h). So,

v^2 = 2 x g x h, and then solving for h,

h = v^2/2g

acceleration of gravity = 32.2 feet per second per second = 32.2 ft/s/s, and the velocity you are given is 84 ft/s. So, if h = v^2/2g, then

h = (84 x 84)/64.4

h = 109.57 feet

Note also, this equation does not take into account air friction.



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