Five times the sum of the digits of a two-digit number is 13 less than the original number. If you reverse the digits in the two-digit number, four times the sum of its two digits is 21 less than the reversed two-digit number?


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Too many uses of "digit"....

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Allison Lee
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thats what confuses me. Its an actual question
Allison Lee
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all I know is that its supposed to be a system of equations
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Sorry Allison. It is a question, set by an idiot who had nothing better to do that day. Algebra is your help here. Give the two digits names. The leftmost one could be L and the rightmost one R.

From that you ought to be able to create equations.
If you still need help (and try to work with us here), come back tomorrow.
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This link will help you.

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5(x + y) = 10x+y - 13.......(1)

4(x + y) = 10y+x - 21.........(2)

After solving it you will get the value of x=9 and y=8

For checking put the values in the equations

4(9 + 8) = 80+9 - 21

4(17) = 89-21

68 = 68

I hope it'll help.

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