What Happened To Jessie Arbogast?


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Jessie Arbogast was born in 1993 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. He is best known as the boy who got his arm bitten off by a hungry shark while swimming in the ocean.

One day,Jessie Arbogast was swimming and having fun in the ocean near Pensacola, Florida . While he was in the water a 200-pound bull shark swam up to him and bit off his right arm. Jessie Arbogast's uncle was there and he tried to get the shark out of the water and onto the land. A park ranger then shot the shark. Jessie's arm was pulled from the shark's mouth. Arbogast was airlifted to the hospital, and doctors were amazingly able to reattach the arm during 11 hours of intense surgery. Jessie was released from the hospital on 12 August 2001, but his arm was not 1005 functionable. A 2004 article in the Pensacola News-Journal reported that Jessie was using a wheelchair and had trouble communicating.

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