What Is 37/100 As A Decimal?


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0.37 or .37
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Every whole number that you write has a decimal at its end, for example 40 can also be written as 40.00 etc.
Just like that 37 can also be written as 37.00.

Now the simple rule that you need to know is that when dividing a number by 10, 100, 1000 and so on, the decimal place shifts back the same number of places as the number of zeroes in the digit.

For example 100 has two zeroes in it, therefore:
37.0/100 = 0.37 as a decimal

37/10 would have been
= 3.7

Out of 10,000, it would have been:
= 0.0037
and so on.

Similarly, if you multiply a number with these numbers you just have to add the number of zeroes to it. For example:
37 x 10 = 370
37 x 1000 = 37000
(The decimal place has shifted to the right by the number of zeroes)
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The answer is .37

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