How Many Times Can I Fold An A4 Sheet Of Paper In Half?


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Selie Visa answered
Whatever the size of the paper, you can fold it into halves only 7 times with your hands.
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Just folded one 8 times and it was both able to stay in it's folded shape and it wasn't to crushed, although the limit is said to be 7.
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andrew parkin answered
Technically only once!! As after that it is no longer A4 in size....but if I understand you correctly and you mean how many times can paper be folded in half? doesn't matter how big the paper is ..... It can only be folded 7 times (generally speaking) . .
Hope this helps . Andy
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XiMing Gu answered
Yea,I just made it~~~An A4 sheet can be folded 7 times :)

I think the same A4 sheet can be folded 9 times by a tough robot.
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I folded it 9 times I kept on crumpling it up till it got to the consistency of tissue paper and then folded it.

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