Where Can You Get A High School Diploma In Ventura County, California?


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For an adult in Ventura County, CA to obtain a high school diploma, the adult would need to seek advice from a local High School and seek permission to attend High School in the district, in which one lives. This would take four years of High School classes. The alternative for this is to obtain a High School equivalence certificate called a General Education Diploma (GED) for adults.

The California Department of Education, 1420 North Street, in Sacramento, CA, 95814 provides Adult
Centres of Learning throughout all countries of California. The purpose of these centres is to provide all persons 18 years and older without a High School diploma a chance to study and receive an equivalence diploma. I presume from your question this is what you are seeking. Below I have listed the places in Ventura County where one can go to enroll for classes to complete the program for a GED. After completing the classes and passing the necessary tests a GED would granted. This is equivalent to a High School diploma.

This procedure is the same for all states within the United States. There are four choices for learning facilities for adults in Ventura County. CA. For information and guidance or to enroll contact:
1. Simi Valley Adult School, 3192 Los Angeles Avenue, 93064, Simi Valley. Telephone: 805-579-6200
2. Oxnard Adult School, 1101 West Second Street, 93030, Oxnard. Telephone: 805-385-2578
3. Conejo Valley Adult School/Waverly, 1025 Old Farm Road, 91360, Thousand Oaks. Telephone: 805-497-2761
4. Ventura Adult Education, 5200 Valentine Road, 93003, Ventura. Telephone: 805-289-7925

Good Luck in your endeavour to further your education.
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Can you please tall me were I can find a GED class in Ventura County so I  can finish my High school thank you
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If you did not graduate from High School, you have two options:

1. Go to an Adult School (Ventura or Oxnard) to take classes that will get you the remainder of your units needed to graduate (best if you were short only a couple classes).

2. Take the GED test to get your High School equivalency certificate.  Prep classes are offered at adult schools mentioned above as well as SBB College (in Ventura, Ca).

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