What Is The Slope For 3x+4y=1?

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In the equation Y = MX + C, M is the slope, so you can rearrange your equation to read the same way.

3X + 4Y = 1

4Y = -3X + 1

Y = (-3X)/4 + 1/4

Now this is in the form Y = MX + C, where M = -3

So your slope is -3

I hope this helps
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The slope of the line given in standard form

  ax + by = c


  slope = -a/b.

The slope of your line is -3/4.

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Given equation is : 3x+4y=1....(1)
the slope equation is : Ax+by=c...(2)
so, slope (m) = -a/b
after comparison eq. (1) and eq.(2)
slope = -3/4

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