5x+2y=12 How Do I Found The Slope?


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The formula to find the slope of a line is (y=mx+b)  5x+2y=12 hop the fence and apply the formula, it'll look like this: 2y= -5x+12 2y=y -5x = x and b=12 just as the slope equation states.  Then to check it by graphing it out. B= the slope  usually teachers like for you to find a common dividing number, but then you get into the decimals. I personally don't like to do it because its annoying. But if you want the most accurate number on the graph, because you are graphing it yourself, id just do it to please the teacher.. Basically you want y to equal y by itself. So just divide all the other numbers by y's value so it eliminate y's greater y value.  2y= -5x +12 2          2  y= -2.5x +6 <- answer simplified to lowest form. Now you graph this out. Start at zero, and go (-2.5x) so to the left on the horizontal x axis then up 6. Draw your line going through zero.  I don't remember if the teacher asks to graph the m slope, or they just want the equation. Try it out, and see how it looks. And at least show the teacher you are trying to figure it out. Most teachers pass you when they see you put in the effort. Essentially you NEVER want to leave questions blank. A guess is always better than a blank answer!  Hope this helps

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