Graph y ≥ 2x + 1 please show me this problem graphed?


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The answer to the equation you are looking for can be found on the Internet on the following link: As well as showing you the graph answer, this website will also give you an explanation on how to solve it.

Solving equations by graphing can be difficult for anyone to do if they don't know the process involved. To help you out, below are some instructions on how this can be achieved. All you will need is a piece of graph paper, a pencil, ruler and rubber in case of mistakes.

  • Step one
Work out the two points for each equation. The values that you pick for 'x' should be kept quite low, but at the same time you should make sure that they are spread a little bit apart.

  • Step two
Draw an X, Y axis on your graph paper. This is easily done by drawing a vertical line down the center of the page and a horizontal line across the middle of the page.

  • Step three
Label the X and Y axis. The values that you put are completely up to you but the standard values for an ordinary graph are 20 to -20 on both the horizontal line and the vertical line.

  • Step four
Plot your first point on the graph. Once you have found it on the graph, mark it with a small pencil dot and label it if necessary.

  • Step five
Plot all the coordinates that are remaining using the same method as above. Using a ruler and pencil, join all the coordinates together with a straight but faint pencil line. This is in case you need to rub it out.

  • Step six
Plot the second equation on the graph using exactly the same method as mentioned above.

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