How To Graph Y=1/2x-2?


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If you want to graph Y = 1/2x -2 first understand what the equation means...Y is the value for any given value of x times 1/2 -2 so for x = 1, y = 1/2(1) -2 = 1/2 -2 = -1 1/2  also note that the equation fits the form of Y = mx + b where m = slope or change in y/change in x    and b is the y intercept. So you know that the line has to go through the y axis with a value of -2 then you start plugging in values of x in the equation to get values of y. You now have a number of X,y pairs that you can plot and make sure that this line goes through the y axis at a value of -2. Since x=1 gives you -1 1/2 I would start at a value of x =2 and go to more negative values of x to make it easier to hit the -2 intercept. So, x =1, y = -1 1/2
  x =0, y =-2  this will put your line at y intercept of -2
  x =-1, y = -2 1/2
  x = -2, y = -3 1/2 you keep going and you have x,y pairs that give you a nice straight line to graph with it going through the y axis at -2.

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