Does Any One Know What Questions Will Be Asked In Suparco Test?


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The test is written in order to test the knowledge and subject understanding of the candidate. Therefore, there is no way of predicting what questions are going to appear on the paper as they are not released or readily available to the general public. It is recommended to consult people that have taken the test previously in order to gain an idea on what topics have been included on the test in the past. This may give an indication of what topics may be included on the upcoming test, especially if it is possible to consult a number of people and identify patterns in the tests over time.

SUPARCO, which stands for the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmospheric Commission, is a national space agency. It conducts research and development in space science and technology. The company aims to employ people having given them an equal opportunity. The majority of employees already working at SUPARCO have qualifications and experience in such fields related to science and engineering. There are also opportunities to work for the company in a field that is not directly related to the initial purpose of the company, for example:
-Administration and managerial positions
-IT departments
-Finance departments
-Maintenance (cleaners, etc)

With regards to the job positions that are directly relevant to the purpose of the company, employees are inducted via the following two methods:
-Through standard advertisement in national medias
-By visiting educational institutions such as universities and inviting certain individuals to apply for the job. These are generally sourced from the science and engineering related graduates from well-known universities.

Induction to the company uses a systematic method via the following processes:
-Scrutiny of applications
-A written test
-Release of test results
-Interviews of selected candidates
-Induction into the company

The candidates chosen to work for the institution is dependent upon the following pass rates:
-Academics and qualifications from secondary school to the most recent degree- 20%
-Written test results- 40%
-Interview marks- 40%
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RC circuits, Electronic devices, power electronics, DLD, control  systems, communication systems

from AK
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Control & automation, control systems, communication systems, power electronics, electric circuits

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