How You Convert Pounds Of Paper To Linear Feet?


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It is not possible to convert pounds into feet because pounds are a measure of mass and feet are used to measure length. They are completely separate measurements and cannot be compared.  A pound is a unit of mass and is part of the imperial system, a system used throughout America and to be used in Britain. Despite the fact that the metric system is the system of measurement for almost the whole world, the imperial system is still widely used throughout Britain and America and this includes the use of inches, yards, miles, leagues, and chains. The imperial system is the system of units first defined in the British Weights and Measurements Act of 1824, and 187 years on, it is still used, particularly with older generations in the UK and the USA have a slightly different version of the imperial system called The United States customary system.

A foot is also part of the metric system and is exactly 0.3048 meters. In Britain, where the official system of measurement is the metric system, feet is still used largely to measure people's height. This is why pounds cannot be converted into feet because weight and length are different and incomparable. The only way it could be measured is if it were possible to measure the length of the paper.

It may be that you taking your measurements from a roll of paper such as wallpaper and you are given the necessary details needed. A roll of wallpaper may weigh so much and you will know the exact length of it so you will be able to calculate how much each foot of paper weighs. Try an online calculating system such as which will allow you to enter your length and weight to find the answer you are looking for.

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