How Do I Convert A Wet Metric Tonne Into A Dry Metric Tonne?


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The easiest way to really know how to convert wet metric tonne to dry metric tonne is to keep track of how much water was originally added. Otherwise it is very difficult to know how the conversion works.

The most common unit of measurement that is used for heavy weights is kilograms, however once the size of something gets to big then obviously a greater unit of measurement will be needed. For weight, one of the largest units of measurement is tonnes.

Many speciality fields use kilograms as a formal unit of measurement which is why it is important to understand the unit and how to convert it. Below are some instructions on how to convert kilograms into tonnes.

  • Step one. The first thing you need to do is to determine the weight of the object in kilograms and grams by using a set of scales. If it came in a packet then you can just simply look on the back and read the label.
  • Step two. You should then multiply the weight of the object in kilograms and grams by 0.001. You do this because one metric tonne is equal to 1000 kilograms. For example, 350 kilograms would be equal to 0.35 metric tonnes if you use the above calculation.
  • Step three. There are ways that you can verify your working out by using a calculator if you have just used a pen and paper. If you don't want to work it out or need the answer quickly then there are several calculators online that you can use to do the working out for you.
You can also convert gallons into tonnes. Below are some instructions on how to do this.

  • Step one. Once you have weighed something to know its weight in gallons. The next thing to do is to divide 2204 by the weight of the liquid in gallons. You should work this out to about four decimal places.
  • Step two. You should then divide the number of gallons that you want to convert by the answer that you got in the previous step.
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The METRIC TON, or tonne, is 1,000 kg (or 1 Mg) or approximately 2,204.6 pounds. A DRY TON or dry tonne has the same mass value, but the material (sludge, slurries, compost, and similar mixtures in which solid material is soaked with or suspended in water) has been dried to a relatively low, consistent moisture level (dry weight). If the material is in its natural, wet state, it is called a wet ton or wet tonne. If you are need to know more about  METRIC TON to A DRY TON conversions then use this Unit Converter.

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