Scenario 3: Write A Negative Message To The Phone Company About Charges That Should Not Have Been On Your Last Month's Bill?


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You can write the message as follows;

The Manager,
Company Name,

Subject: Wrong Bill Issued

Respected Sir/ Madam,

With due reverence, it is stated that I have been charged some phone calls which I never made in my last bill. It might be due to some technical fault from your side. It has never happened before and I request you to check my bill again and correct it accordingly.

Yours truly,

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Write as: Supervisor , phone company name and address, Heading : Complain against the bill Respected sir , With respect I want to state that I have received a bill indicating some calls which are not been made from my number. These calls are charged ----(amount). So request to review my bill.It shows the carelessness or a technical fault regarding my bill. I will be thankful for your kind consideration. Truly Yours ______
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Negative letter to travel agent

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