Scenario 4: Write A Persuasive Message To Your Boss Explaining Why You Should Get A Raise?


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Mr. Landlord

Subject: Request to review your decision regarding the raise in Rent

Esteemed Sir,

Reference to your letter dated ... Regarding an increase in the monthly rent of my flat, I humbly want to make a sincere request that for the time being my financial condition doesn't allow me to afford this increment for the next 6 months. I have occupied this flat just few months back and have been paying my rent regularly and on time. As unprecedented hike in the prices of commodities has overburdened the salary class. All middle class families are burning both ends of candle saving not a single penny. God has blessed you with all His bounties. Your generosity is famous in the nook and corner of this city.
I beseech you to please review your decision and give me at least 6 moths time making me enable to pay the extra amount you are asking for in terms of rent-increment.
Hopefully a generous heart would surely think about the sufferings of another fellow.

God Bless you.

Your tenant

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You can write as follows;

Name of your boss,

Subject: Raise in the salary

Respected Sir/ Madam,

With due respect, it is stated that I have been working with zeal, zest and devotion for your company for the last 2 years. During my entire service, I have completed my assignments on time and achieved my goals. My behavior and communication with all the staff members is also been excellent. It would be so nice of you if you have a look about my salary increment. I would always be a loyal and hard worker of your team.

Yours sincerely,


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