Is There An Easy Way To Understand Metric Conversions?


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Converting between metric measurements is a relatively simple practice. The metric system is a form of measurement which deals in factors of 10 only. All types of measurement can be determined using this system. In order to explain how to convert from one unit of measurement to another it would be wise to explain how the system is set up and the prefixes used, which are integral to knowing how to perform conversions.

Metric uses the prefixes of Kilo, Hecto, Deca, Units, Deci, Centi and Milli. Don’t worry, the correct ordering can easily be remembered by using the memory trick: King Henry Died Usually Drinking Chocolate Milk. The prefixes for each unit of measurement refer to the difference between themselves and the unit (or base) so a kilo is 1000 times larger than the base unit, hecto refers to being 100 times larger and deca means ten times bigger than base. While on the other side, measurements prefixed with milli are 1000 times smaller than a unit, centi is 100 times smaller and deci ten times smaller.

So all you need to do to be able to convert between metric measurements is take the beginning measurement and move the decimal point the required number of times to the destination measurement. Using as an instance the distance measurement of metres (m) to convert 1500 metres into kilometres (km) firstly we know that the base unit in this instance is metres and that 1m is a thousand times smaller than a 1 km, so then 1500 metres would convert to 1.5 km.

Similarly if the starting point was 100 millilitres (ml) and we wanted to convert that into centilitres (cl) then the number of places we would have to move would be one place larger, so the answer would be 10 cl, if we had wanted it to convert it into litres it would have to move three places larger. So from 100 ml to 0.1 litres.
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The metric system is based on increments of 10. If you can find a base conversion then it may make things much easier. It would be so much easier if we, in the US, would change to the metric system as most of the world uses.

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