How Do You Put Pictures Into An APA-Style Paper?


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There are a few ways of citing images in the APA (American Psychological Association) style.

The APA style is used to reference sources within the social sciences in academic documents.

How to put pictures in APA format?
  • Use a figure number above the picture, for example "Fig. 1".
  • Include the author's name, the date of publication and title, in brackets.
  • Include the source from which the image came.
  • Remember to be consistent with the style and presentation of your references throughout your work.

Format for an electronic image:

  • Author (role of author). (Year image was created). The title of the work (type of work), Retrieved Month Day, Year, from: URL of website here.

Format for an image with no author:

  • Title of work (type of work). (Year image was created) Retrieved Month Day, Year, from: URL of website.

Format for image with no author, title or date (the vast majority of images on the web unfortunately!).

  • (Subject and type of work). Retrieved Month Day, Year, from: URL of website.

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