Is Senford Online High School A Scam?


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In essence, no, Senford is not a scam. It was founded in 1974 in Houston by John Corner and ensured they delivered top notch education which appealed to many people.

In 1990 Senford High School was awarded the best school of the year. Six years later they decided to set up and launch its online program specifically catering for people who were looking for home schooling or looking to gain a GED online.

The online program was a huge success due in most part to its offerings of cheap certificates and degrees for sale, which at the time was quite controversial.

Senford High School did not just stop there, going on to receive a number of prestigious awards over the next six years, including being awarded the best online school of the year 2007 followed by 2008, 2009 and 2010.

It has offered its services to more than 5,000 students already and this year will surpass all expectations. Students have gone onto attain successful jobs and enroll in colleges which is a testament to the work the school puts in.

Senford has also been successful in getting accreditation status for online high school diploma courses in 2005 thanks to the Higher Accreditation Board of Education/Texas.

Yet there is a process that every student has to complete before joining. Every student joining Senford has to go through an online test and achieve a pass grade of 70 per cent or above.

Upon successfully passing the test the student has to go through a series of spot checks and then must pay for the course online. The course documents are delivered usually within 7 business days. For more information regarding Senford High School, it can be found by senior student counselors from 11:00  to 16:00 CT.
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No Senford High School Is not a Scam. I am a Graduate myself from senford and I am working at mutual bank for last 6 months, I got my diploma from Senford High School in the mail After I took the test and passed it. You may ask higher accreditation board of education Texas, I am sure they will help you out. target=\"_blank\">
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Senford High is a total scam! Did research and backtracked their info.
Found out money goes to Pakistan! Terrorist funding perhaps?
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Yes sendford high school is a scam and you don't have to have a high school diploma or any diploma for that matter to work for a bank.
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Senford High is a total scam! Did research and backtracked their info. Found out money goes to Pakistan! Terrorist funding perhaps?

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