Is Columbia North High School online a scam?


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A couple of people on the Internet and in discussion forums are claiming that Columbia North High School is a scam, although their website does seem very professional and looks as though it could be legitimate. You can access their website's home page by clicking on the following link:
Advancing your education with a high school diploma can really help you to move ahead in life, whether you are enrolling at college or want to start a new job, so it well worth doing the research.

  • About Columbia North High School.
According to their website, Columbia North High School does not try to oversell itself by offering you much more than they can, but there is also no disclaimer accrediting them. They do offer a variety of accelerated courses but their website also states that they are an active registered member of Capitol Network for Distance Learning Programs (CNDLP). This organization issues regulations that demands that their members always meet their high standards which are directed towards ethical online education.

However, this piece of information should not mean that you sign up straight away. This website may still be a scam, but they may just be a lot better at fooling people.

  • Before you enrol.
One of the things that you must do before you enroll on any kind of online course, in fact, Columbia North High School suggests this too, is contact your college or potential employer to ask them if they will accept this type of diploma. From there you will be able to make sure that you are not wasting any of your valuable time or money.

Advancing your education is an excellent thing to pursue but you must do your research before signing up. There are several organizations such as educational bodies that you can get in touch with to check whether any online school is legitimate.
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Phone number to Columbia north hs

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