Is Woodfield High School An Online Scam?


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In short, yes. A diploma from Woodfield High School is probably not worth the paper it was printed on.

The organization uses misleading information to convince people to sign up to their courses.

On the other hand, Woodfield High School does provide all the things it states on its website.

Is Woodfield High School a scam?

The Woodfield High School website promises things that most people would be a little skeptical about:

  • No need to study for tough exams
  • No need to attend classes
  • No need to take an admission test (despite the diploma being based on 'life-experience and previous learning')
Basically, Woodfield High promises to give you an accredited Online GED diploma for as little as $325 (according to the website).

What it doesn't tell you on its website is the following:

How Woodfield High School cons people out of their money

The main deception that Woodfield High uses on its site is in terms of its accreditation.

Whilst the school genuinely is accredited by the 'Universal Accreditation Agency for Online Education'- this is a company created by the founders of Woodfield High and is registered in Pakistan!

I'd recommend checking out the following sites for more information about GED scams and Woodfield High School:
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Jeff Smith answered
Woodfield high school is accredited, it says on their website. They are accredited by the Universal Accreditation Agency for Online Education.

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