Is Madison Falls High A Scam?


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Absolutely, and unfortunately so.

Their own website states the following: ‘Since our program is designed in an accelerated format, it is not accredited by a national accreditation agency. It is however accepted by most employers due to our lifetime verification services and our acclaimed membership in the Capitol Network for Distance Learning Programs consortium. Our school also encourages students looking for an accredited diploma to be wary of websites that offer an accredited diploma that takes less than two months to earn. There are no online programs that are accredited which can be completed in a week or by life experience only. Those who say they can are fraudulent.’

For one thing, it should be ‘fewer than two months’, and their website is littered with syntactical and grammatical errors. There is no formal introduction from the principal or any members of staff.

Should you still trust its veracity, call a toll-free number 888-464-1938 from 09:00 to 17:00 on weekdays, or send an email in their contact form on their website,

Which school would mail a diploma package anyhow?! It is best to avoid this high school and stay in a properly accredited program which will be accepted by any community college.
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I think it is... I'm reaserch ing it and I can't get an address or picture or location of where this "high school" is!!!!! I'm sooo pissed kuz it seems like a great place to get my high school diploma but then I saw the "scam thing" and noooo sir!! I aint guna get ripped off!! So in my opinion I think it is a scam! Sorry... I aint guna risk it!
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Yes it is! You cannot use this diploma anywhere in the states, only low budget jobs that do not ask for proof!! Do not waste your time and money like I did please!
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I would suggest contacting either your local BBB(better business bureau) or your local news station and see if they will do some checking for you .just my opinion.

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