Is A 22 On The ACT A Good Score?


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Twenty-two isn't that bad, it's pretty good. What is more important than your score is that you get a college education. Don't base one test on your intelligence.
The average composite score is roughly a 20. That is, about 50% of test-takers score below a 20..

Your education is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. The best to you my friend.
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If you want to improve your ACT score for scholarship purposes try getting a prep book.  Try taking it again during your senior year if you aren't that far along in school yet and I bet you'll do better even if you haven't studied for it or anything.
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Brandi lol
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i currently have a 3.595 GPA. I'm just not sure if i should take the SAT instead because i want to go out of state.
David C
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You can take both the SAT and the ACT, it's not one or the other.
Brandi lol
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i know but they're $50 apiece.
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I got a 22 on mine to. I'm thinking it's pretty good because a bunch of people at my school were like, You're going to get into any college you want and stuff like that (I know that's not true though). I'm thinking I only have to have a 19 and gpa 2.7 to get into Middle Tennessee State University.

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