Is There A CNA Training School In Brooklyn, New York?


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There are several CNA training schools in Brooklyn that accept students and trainees. By conducting a Google search and logging onto a website called CNAon which provides users with the locations, addresses and contact details of all the CNA training schools in the United States. By narrowing my search down to New York, I was able to find two CNA training schools in Brooklyn, New York. The first address is ASA Institute of Business and Computer Technology Nurse Assistant Program - 81 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 and the second address is Kingsborough Community College, 2001 Oriental Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 11235.

CNA training schools in New York tend to follow the same basic training including Basic nursing and clinical skills, emergency cares, use of medical terminology, nutrition and infection control, anatomy, personal care skills, CPR services, communication and interpersonal skills, safety techniques, promoting and respecting of patient’s rights and independence, care of dementia or cognitively suffered patients, mental health and adult care, restorative care and physiology.

The completion of the above training course allows you to sit for the state CNA certification test. CNA training courses in New York tend to cost around $1000 to $2000 depending on which college you attend. There are also free training programs available, which you need to apply for a federal grants and scholarships or agree to work in long term care unit, if a facility agrees sponsor you for free training.

On average, CNA medical professionals earn around $19, 925 - $29,764 yearly. Top level CNA nurses usually receive annual earnings of $35, 377 or more. In addition to that, they also enjoy useful benefits such as paid vacations, free housing, and retirement plans. The demand for CNA qualified nurses is expected to grow fast until 2014 due to high turnover of jobs, which means that there has never been a better time to join.
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Check out the site  

It shows the free listing of all the Cna programs and you can check these lists from state registry, present in your area. If you want to contact the state registry then you can do that through this website.

best of luck
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Free cna classes in brooklyn?
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Hi my name is irving and will like to info about any near cna training classes around me
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If I took my cna class in richmond virginia can I take the state board exam in new york city?
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Yes, Kareful and Karefree Training School, Inc. 1958 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11233 718 778-6120 718 483-9809 -

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