How Can I Obtain My IGCSE Results Online?


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Created by the University of Cambridge (in Britain), these tests are standardized for students in their mid-teens. To get results for the IGCSE tests on the Internet, you must access online results through your educational institution (your high school); in most cases, you will also be sent text messages from the University of Cambridge IGCSE program, detailing exactly what marks you achieved on the examinations. At this point, there is no central online portal where students can log in and check on their test results.

  • IGCSE facts

This sort of test is similar to a typical high school diploma; however, it is not exactly the same. In a sense, the IGCSE exams are a lot like the SAT exams given in America; however, in the SATs, students show general knowledge of a wide range of subject matter, through careful testing that also reveals natural intelligence. In the IGCSE exams, students take one test for each school subject, and show their level of knowledge for each area of expertise. These tests are not limited to students (whether home-schooled or attending school) in England - for example, students in the Republic of Ireland may also enroll in the program and take the examinations.

  • Study tips
To learn properly and increase your chances of getting excellent marks on the IGCSE tests, visit the Cambridge University website and follow their instructions and guidelines. This convenient, easy -to-use website offers plenty of tips and advice for students who are enrolled (or thinking of enrolling) in the IGCSE program. This formal study program has plenty of tutorials and other helpful resources that will assist students in getting the final results that they need to pursue post-secondary education all over the world.

There are plenty of places to learn about the IGCSE tests; however, the only place to get marks (test results) is through an IGCSE-affiliated school, or through a SMS message sent directly to your mobile communication device.

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