What Is The Site For Checking Jamb 2010/2011 Results?


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  • Check online

You can check your jamb results online by visiting the website jambonline.org

You will be asked to enter your registration number and select the year of the exams you took and it will provide your results.

Jamb is a Nigerian examination board and stands for 'Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board'. Jamb was recently under scrutiny when it was found that many students exam papers were marked wrongly and scores were altered by up to 15%.

  •   How to cope with the waiting game

Awaiting exam results can be a tense and frustrating time for students, but you should try to relax and consider your options whether you pass or fail.

Most people have a plan if they pass which will usually revolve around being accepted onto higher education courses or ambitious job prospects. It is also a good idea to devise a plan in the case that you do not get the grades you expected.

Try not to think of this as a 'back-up plan' but simply as an alternative plan. This will mean that you are not too disappointed if you do not get the exact grades you wanted and still have something positive to look forward to.

It can be difficult to relax while waiting for your results but try your best to keep active to keep your mind occupied. Physical activities are a great way to combat stress and also release endorphins to keep your mood as elevated as possible. It will also help you to get a good night's sleep rather than lying awake worrying about your results.

Try to socialize with a range of people rather than just other students who are also worrying about results. This will only make you think about it more as it is likely to be a topic that will frequently come up in conversation.
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Please what is my result for 2010?my registration number is 05190105CB
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