Where Do I Send A Music Demo To?


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Mark Henderson answered
You can send your music demo to any local or nationwide record label - but be warned that your material may not be accepted unless it's solicited.

Normally, to get your music solicited, you'll need to have a contact within a record label and their permission to be able to submit your demo. Also, if you have your material registered with the copyright office then most labels will accept it.

Record labels operate this policy to protect themselves from any copyright infringement, and will not accept material that they have not invited you to send. If your material is submitted by a representative of yours with whom the label has not had any business association, then they will not accept it either.

The internet is a much easier (but more competitive) way of getting your music heard. Making your material available for free on sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Soundcloud, Bandcamp or YouTube will help you build a following.

With this in mind you should be able to gig more frequently and expand your fan base. Labels are always on the look out for the next big thing and having dedicated support will boost your chances of your tracks finding their way to a label.

Important Demo Tips
  • Always register your material with the copyright office.
  • Research the label you want to send your demo to, and what genres they deal with. There's no point submitting a heavy metal album to a predominately R&B label!
  • Address your demo package or your email to a particular person (if you know one!) at the company. This will increase the chances of it actually being listened to.
  • If a label doesn't accept unsolicited material, then wait for it to be solicited before you send off your demo. A label's demo policy should be stated on their website.
Good Luck!
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Shezan Shaikh answered
Before sending a music demo make sure you decide which label you want to be signed to. Sending your Music demo to major record labels would be a smart choice. If the label feels that your music can find place in the music industry, it will make sure that you get a deserving long term record label deal which is very essential for any artist.

Some of the major music labels in the industry include: - Road Runner Records, Capitol Records, Elektra Records and Sanctuary

Capitol Records is one of the major labels in the United States - the only other major label is Road Runner Records. They currently have an arsenal of top bands under their management. Road Runner currently owns Slipknot, Soul fly and the titans of Speed Metal Megadeth.

After the signing of Megadeth Road Runner has proved that they are more than capable of handling any band under their management.

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