How to write leave application for not attending exam due to accident?


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Obviously, this is a letter that you need to get right because so much depends upon it but you will probably find that the examiners will be sympathetic to your plight.

  • Gathering evidence

You will need to submit some kind of evidence in your application to show that you were involved in an accident at the time of your exam. If you had to attend a hospital, see a doctor, or if the police were involved you will have no trouble getting this because they all keep very thorough records.

If none of the above authorities were involved, then you will need to get a statement of a witness who can verify why you missed your exam. Needless to say, it would be better if this witness was someone in authority to give credence to your application.

  • Planning

Think about what you want to say in this application and make some notes so that you have a definite plan rather than some random thoughts about the matter.

Keep the language formal and polite and refer your reader to the evidence that you have.

Think about what you would like the outcome to be. Do you want the opportunity to re-sit the exam at a later date? Do you want other examination results or coursework to be taken into account and to be given an estimated grade? If you want the latter option, your tutor will be able to provide details of what they expected you to get.

You may find that the exam board has its own methods of dealing with this situation because you can be sure this is something that they are used to, and that you will have no option as to how they deal with it, but it doesn't hurt to voice what you would like to happen. Just makes sure that if you do, make it sound like a request, not a demand.

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