A 42" diameter table needs a tablecloth that hangs off the edge 8". What is the area of the tablecloth? Use 3.14 for π. A) 1,384.74 in 2 b) 2,640.74 in 2 c) 1,962.5 in 2 d) 182.12 in 2


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That's Answer A: 1384.74 ins
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The formula for are of a circle is pi*r2.  the diameter is all the way across the circle and the radius is halfway, so divide 42 by 2

3.14*212 = 441*3.14 ALWAYS do pi last because it'll screw you up otherwise

answer A:)
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Very good recovery! I was going to alert you to that, but you are good!
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Hahaha my math teacher has taught me to be quick, but being quick has its penalties....and he always tells us that our fingers don't have brain cells lol:) so they can't tell me what i'm doing wrong!
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Be precise. But, do not be tardy, or someone else will scoop you and win the Nobel prize that could have been yours!
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Draw your circle and add the extra 8'' all the way around and you will see that A can not be the answer.

I see that Mandy also figured that out.

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