Two rectangles are similar. If the height of the first rectangle is 3 inches, and the height of the second rectangle is 9 inches, how much larger is the second rectangle's area? They have the same area. 3 times as large 6 times as large 9 times as la


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Area = Length * Width. Let's assume not a square and height means width. Length can be 5'' for the arguments sake.

A = 5" * 3'' = 15 in^2

A = 5'' * 9'' = 45 in^2

45/15 = 3 times as large in this instance
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Your 5 x 3 and your 5 x 9 rectangles are not "similar." To be similar to the smaller one, the larger one would need to be 15 x 9.
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If the rectangles are similar, each dimension is altered by the same factor.
  A = W*(3 in)
  A' = (3W)*(3*3 in) = 9*(W*(3 in)) = 9*A

The second rectangle's area is 9 times as large as that of the first rectangle.

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