Why should there be no rules for admission into nursery schools?


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There should not be any rules for admissions into nursery schools because the child is too young to be judged and assessed on any criterion. Moreover, preschools are the first step that aim to groom the children for their over-all growth and development. Besides this, the play schools offer a conducive learning environment and aim to build strong foundation for their future. So, in my opinion there should not be any rules for admissions into nursery schools.
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The criteria of the admission process for Christian Nursey Students should be simple. At a very tender age, no child can be judged as each of them are at the growing and learning stage.
Every child needs a strong base at the development age. No rules should be restricted upon the children of preschool students.
Christian Nursery School is the most lenient one in the process of admission of nursery kids. In the stage of 3-4 years, kids take some time to adjust to the new environment and are very delicate to understand major things.
I would say there should be light, simple and easy procedure for the admission of kids in nursery schools.

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