importance of maths in daily life?


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This is one of the important areas of math in daily life. Peruse the question and the answers which seem to agree with the premise. Math ( statistics ) tells us something much closer to the truth here and thinking people can use this math to make decisions politically and in their personal life.  Say you wanted to move to my city. The anecdotal information you would receive from people is that my city is very violent. Though there is an uptick in violence in my city my city does not make the list of the 100 most violent cities in the nation and my city is about 32 largest in the nation.

So, math would help you make a good decission on where to move without the hyperbole of anecdotal information.

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There are so many uses of math in our daily life. When you go for shopping you need math to calculate the price or total money you spend. If you are cooking food you need to measure the amount of ingredients for making it perfect, there you need math etc.

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