How Do I Calculate The Average Of Two Numbers?


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You add the 2 numbers together and then divide by 2!

If you ever have to work out the average for a few add them together and divide them by how many different numbers there are...

So for example:

The average of 15 and 31
46/2=23 is the average

the average of 2,8,9,11,16,15,23
84/7=12 is the average
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You would add the 2 numbers together and divide them by two. The median or middle number between the 2 numbers is the average.
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Add the two numbers, and divide their sum by two.
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Add up da #'s and divide by the number of number which in this case is two ex.: Average of 14 and 16 first add - gives you 30 then divide by 2 gives you 15 dats da average
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You add both numbers together and then divide it by the number of equations you added together if you need any help just call 0800 MATHSLINE and they will help you heaps

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