How To Change A Decimal To A Fraction?


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When you convert fraction to decimal form, you will divide the numerator from the denominator.
To convert decimal form to fraction just multiply with 100.
Example : When you multiply 5.2 with 10 it becomes 52/10
5.2 = 52/10
5.02 = 502/100
and so on
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A decimal is simply an expression of how many hundredths.  So, put the decimal number over 100 and reduce the fraction produced.  Example, 0.25 + 25/100, or 1/4
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You change a decimal to a fraction for example 0.5 is half of 1 so you wold say it is one half
if it is 0.2 0.2 goes into one 5 time so you would say one fifth
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If the decimal is 7.22 you would take away the decimal= 722
then count the number of numbers in the equasion=2
then put ?/1000
then fill in the blank 722/1000

5.2 = 52/100

hope this helps!!!!
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If the decimal is 0.35 the answer would be 7/20 because

     =35/100 7 goes into 35 7 times so 7x 5 is 30 so 5 x 20 is 100 so your answer would be 7/20
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