Which Is A Valid Conclusion That Can Be Drawn From The Information Above?


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A king grants a charter to a company. The company returns the profit to the shareholders, provides for settlement and development, and sends the products to be marked to investors and to a colony. There are a few conclusions, that can be drawn from these statements above.

First, the country in question has a King. This King, is in charge of what companies can or cannot be set up. Given, that the information is talking about a charter, the business being opened is probably a bank, since most charters in today's age are banks. However, one could also assume that the discussion about a king, refers to an older period of time when more countries were run by kings in Europe and around the world. If it is an older period in history then the charter could be almost anything with regards to the business. 

The next conclusion, that can be drawn, is that the company has more than just a charter from the king. They also have shareholders. This means they have investors in the company. This itself lends back to the concept of it being a bank. A bank is generally chartered, and has investors that hold shares in the bank in order to earn profits from the stock market trading. The shares determine who on the board has the most control. Shareholders are going to help with the development and settlement of the business products and services. Investors will also have a hand in marketing these products since they want profits, based on how involved they are.

Given, that it also talks about a colony lending itself to past history, again it is most probably a business chartered by a king in the Americas back in the earlier centuries when colonies were formed rather than modern day.

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