What Did Epictetus Mean By 'Only The Educated Are Free'?


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Epictetus knew a lot about freedom granted via education and learning. Epictetus was a Greek slave who became a leading philosopher and earned his freedom through his intelligence.
He is known as a Stoical philosopher, his works are highly pragmatic.

The educated are free because they are able to leave their bonds behind and use their minds, to imagine, explore, challenge exsisting thoughts and theories. It also allows the development of new theories and philosophies.

Education can be both bad and good, one can be taught to murder, but education in general can open the mind, the open mind is a dangerous thing, because it cannot be put in a box, contained or oppressed. Education makes people challenge existing ideologies and this is dangerous to those who wish to maintain the status quo.

Education can also be limiting but Epictetus mean the process of learning new things and using those new things learned to test our own existing view of the world.
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As long as you receive an education no one will be able to take what you learned away from you and there is no limit to what you can do and the places you can go.

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