What Is The Purpose Of Taking GRE Exams And What Are Its Different Sections?


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GRE is an abbreviation of Graduate Record Examination, which is usually opted for the higher studies, nowadays a number of universities require GRE exam for further admission into various courses that they offer. So it is necessary to undertake this test for any one who wants to do further studies or is interested in getting the scholarship.

In GRE one thing is very clear and evident that the examining body wants to select the best student among all the candidates. They design the exam is such a way that their ultimate objective is to judge the mental ability and thinking power of the candidate and his or her response towards a particular question.

GRE is normally categorized into three different portions. The initial part is English section, which normally includes 40 questions; all the questions are like MCQ's, so it is necessary to read carefully each and every question of this section. You must take careful steps according to that particular question because the time offered for each question is usually very short in GRE test you have to complete this section with in 120 minutes and total number of question are 100 in GRE exam.

The second portion of GRE is comparatively more difficult as compared to previous section and test the analytical and mental approach of the candidates. Third and last section of GRE is most important that include all the mathematical concepts like percentage calculation, proportion, fraction, decimals, average, polynomial and especially geometry is tested. This section can yield you maximum number if you are a good mathematician.
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GRE stands for the Graduate Record Exam. Any student who wishes to enrol himself into a graduate school in the United States needs to give the GRE.

The graduate schools receive hundreds of applications for admission to various graduate programmes from students not only in the US but from all over the world. The GRE helps the schools to select the best qualified applicant for admission.

The GRE is a computer based adaptive test and is conducted at Computer Based Testing Centres, worldwide. It is a standardized exam and checks if the candidate possesses knowledge and skill relevant to the study he plans to undertake. The score shows his performance on tests which are common to all applicants. Higher score ensures that he gets admission to the Ivy League colleges. The GRE scores not only help in admission but also decide if the candidate is eligible for financial grants and scholarships, and teaching and research assistantships.

The GRE tests are divided into four sections:-
1. Quantitative Section: basic maths, elementary mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning is tested.
2. Verbal Section: sentence completion questions, analogy and antonym questions, and reading comprehension questions are asked.
3. Analytical Writing Assessment: perspective of an issue task and analysis of an argument task is conducted.
4. Unscored Section: consists of writing an essay on an issue and forwarding his ideas in support of the argument.
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Hi, GRE exam is for the Students who are willing to pursue Higher studies in Abroad.

It is a 3 hour and 45mins exam which has 3 sections.

Analytical Writing, Quanti and Verbal.

The Safe score for GRE can be 315.

You must concentrate on Each sections prudently and study at least 7 hours in a day.

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