How To Calculate Our Cut Off Mark?


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If your cut off marks are being calculated in the 12th standard, there is a simple sum that you can do to find out your score. First, you need to divide your mathematics score by two to give a result out of 100 rather than 200. Then add your results from both your physics and chemistry together and divide by four, again this will give you a score out of 100 rather than 400. These two scores can then be added together to give your cut off mark.

For example, say in your exams you scored 80 in physics, 90 in chemistry and 120 in maths. First you would need to divide the maths score by two. In this case 120 divided by two is 60. Then, add the physics and chemistry scores together, 90 and 80, to get the result of 170. This number then needs to be divided by four, so 170 divided by four is 42.5. Adding these two numbers together gives a final cut off mark out of 200 of 92.5.

The exact calculations of cut off marks and the results that are needed will vary depending on the school or college that you are applying for. While some will have strict boundaries that must be passed in order to be accepted into the school, others will be more lenient. To find out exactly what qualifications you need to make sure that you are eligible for a place at a certain school or college, you will need to contact them directly.  Do not be afraid to ask questions or to query the process, it is important you know exactly what you need to do before you start doing it. Cut off marks are used primarily for entrance into Indian universities, particularly for those who wish to study medicine or engineering. Some of the top universities will require students to have extremely high cut off marks to identify that they are hard working and can obtain good grades.
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Can any one tell me how to calculate cut off mark for engineering group.
parctical 1=188
practical 2=188
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how calculate cut of for engineering & medical college
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For vocational..make maths mark for 100.i.e 200/2  then add your theory+prac1+prac2 ..then divide it by 6 to make it for 100.  Then add d both you will get it for much mark comes for 200 is your cut off..  Maths-70/2=35  theory-103 practical 1=188 practical 2=188  by adding those will get 479/6=79.8333  now add 35+79.8333=114.833
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Its calculated for 200...
First take your physics and chemistry marks and add them up...
Then .... Divide it by 2..
The add it up with your maths mark... You'll get the cut off for 200..
For ex... You have scored
phy 80... Chem 80 ... Maths 90
phy + chem = 160
divide by 2 is 80
and add in math mark
80 +90 = 170
your cut off will be 170
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Vocational(Emr) - 131
maths- 134
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For vocational course with computer science theory, computer science practicals, typewriting and mathematics how to calculate cut off marks for engineering?

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