Why Is It Important To Simplify Radical Expressions Before Adding Or Subtracting? How Is Adding Radical Expressions Similar To Adding Polynomial Expressions? How Is It Different? Provide A Radical Expression For Your Classmates To Simplify.


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A radical expression is one with a square root. It is necessary to know what a radical expression is before answering the rest of the questions posed above.

  • Importance of Simplifying

A radical expression can be complicated such as 3 and then the square root Y+1. It could also be very simple with the square root symbol and then a number underneath. If there is a way for the equation or number underneath the square root to be broken down then it needs to be simplified for the equation to continue.

The radical in a complicated form has not been broken down for the answer. For example, if you have the square root of 54 it can be broken down into a simplistic answer. The square root of 54 can be shown as the square root 9x6= 3 square root 6. The answer is therefore 3 (square root symbol) 6.

You have to break down the radical expression so that you can move forward such as when you need to add or subtract other radicals or equations to the radical expression. You must always start from the very root of the equation.

  • Polynomials
A polynomial has more than one number and therefore you have to be in the most simplistic form in order to add or subtract. This is why radical expressions can be similar since there are multiple numbers. It is different in that you have the square root as part of the radical expression.

An example would be square root symbol with a4b2 meaning A to the 4th and B to the 2nd power, where you multiply a4 to b2.

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