To Whom Does This Umbrella Belongs To? Kindly Let Me Know If This Sentence Is Correct?


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Samar Fazlel answered
Grammatically this is wrong because of (does) and ( whom) we need to get rid of does because we already have whom which is wh question, whereas does is to be verb question so two types of grammar question cannot be used together. Finally, I would use this sentence as follows and also to make this sentence shorter we must not use the first (to) as we will have one at the end so one prepositions is enough in this sentence.
Whom this umbrella belong to
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ray of light answered
No the sentence is not correct, because you used "s" with the verb"belong" after using "does" in this sentence. The correct sentence would be " To whom does this umbrella belong to?".
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Kyoko Katayama answered
This umbrella do belong to de Grand PooPah.

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