How Can You Solve 7(x-2)-4x=10?


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Its very simple - follow the BODMAS RULE.
7(x-2) - 4x = 10
7x - 14 - 4x = 10
7x-4x = 10 + 14
3x = 24
therefore x = 24/3 = 8
hence x = 8.
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7(x-2) - 4x = 10

7x - 14 - 4x = 10

3x = 10-14

3x = - 4

x = -4/3
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FDQ, you could've ans this question, however your ans is wrong. just check ur equation once again, when you shift -14 to the right side, it sigh should get changed to +14, which you forgot to change and unfortunately which land up with wrong ans. No worries, Am not pointing you that you derived a wrong ans, but at least you should come to know that where you've made a mistake and believe me " Mistake is the master" good- day!!
RICHEAL NOI answered
I think Emiraan is right
because 7multiplies those in the bracket making
7x-14-4x=10 then you group like terms
7x-4x=10+14then you divide both sides by 3
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The solution of the above equation is very simple. Here are the steps:
-24 is the answer
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Aicha, you ans is totally irrelevant with the question. I think i either understood the question or your ans. I think you've just given a pattern or an example for HOW TO SOLVE THE EQUATION rather than answering the question. Isn't' it ? If it so then excellent !

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