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I don't think they should be because if you don't have recess then you can learn more in class and school can go a Little shorter
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School education is very important for the mental and physical growth of children. In school, they learn many things which makes them capable to live in a society and help him become a better human being. Schools are the second home for children. 

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It is imperative for children to have break since it enables them to collaborate with others or play dons that keep them dynamic. I figure break should stop after Middle school in light of the fact that in secondary school it wouldn't profit the understudy to such an extent. In secondary school you have sports, clubs, and so on.

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Here are some reasons why I think there should not be recess time. After using their energy to play with their friends, it can be difficult for them to concentrate in the class. The time wasted outside could have been better used to do more productive works in the classroom.

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they would need a break so they can get out for a while since they have been in class. Recess is alright for them.

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Middle school students shouldn't have recess because they are taking up their learning time, and plus they will act all crazy when they come back from recess and not want to learn.
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Make them learn more time because when I was there age I wasn't allowed to go outside and do fun stuff. Hey, They should go outside you know why, Because it help them to blow off some off their goofy stuff on them.

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