How Can I Improve My IQ?


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The IQ of a person is not a birth related factor. It is dependent on many other factors especially the personal effort. Here are some ways generally suggested.
1) Follow the current affairs magazines because you should keep up with the competetive world.
2) Try visiting some websites where you can find personality and intelligence assessment questions. They'll let you know your improvement.
3) Last but not the least practise meditation. You need not bend your body in different postures but just keep your mind free of thoughts and give it a relaxed state without any thoughts.
Hope they'll work for you..all the best..!
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Vikash Swaroop answered
IQ or intelligence quotient is an intangible asset of a person and there can not be any fixed formula to get it improved. It depends upon each person how he or she wants it to be improved. Since you have asked, some common ways to improve it can certainly be suggested. Given below are common ways to improve your IQ:
1) Play crossword; playing crossword is an activity that enhances the pigment in your brain and it forces you to think on variety of topics. Thinking on variety of topics train your brain to make important decision.

2) Read about extra curricular things; they not only give you the knowledge but make you a thinking person as you will be exposed to variety of things happening or happened in the world.

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