How Do I Solve This Problem X²+7x+10=0?


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Make a Big X  then in the top triangle of the x put 10, then in the bottom triangle put  7, then find the number that multiply's to 10 and adds to 7, which id 5 and 2. Then write out the equation: (x+5) (x+2)

if the problems directions asks you to work the problem all the way through then you're answer will be x= -5 and x= -2
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You can factor it or use the quadratic formula.

If you factor you will get the following.

X^2 + 7X + 10

(X+2) (X+5) = 0

X = {-2,-5} is your solution set
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Um... I think its x=-10/7 - x squared/7
if that is supposed to be graphed then it is not linear... Because it has an exponent...
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You can factor the equation (it's a quadratic)
x2 + 7x + 10  can be factored into
(x + 2)(x + 5)
if either of these equals 0, the whole equals 0
so x = -2, x = -5

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